Get the Q-interactive Package that’s Right for You

Whether you are a private practitioner, a hospital, or school district, Pearson provides you with the flexibility to purchase and use Q-interactive based on your needs. When you purchase a Q-interactive annual license you can say good bye to purchasing test kits and record forms, managing record form inventory, and carrying bulky test kits.

Value of Q-interactive Annual License:

With your Q-interactive Annual License, you will receive the following for free:

  • Unlimited usage for 30 days, initiated with the sending of the Q-interactive Welcome Email
  • Access to new assessments for the first 30 days they are available on Q-interactive
  • Volume discounting on subtest administration
  • Access to NEPSY-II and Children's Memory Scale (only charged for subtest administration)
  • Q-interactive Starter Kit, includes the physical components you need to administer selected subtests
  • New system features like enhanced scoring, checklists, etc.
  • Training, including webinars, videos, and helpful tips
  • Unlimited access to technical support
  • Data storage within Pearson's secure Q-interactive environment

How pricing works:

The price of an annual license is comprised of two components- access to Q-interactive and subtest usage. The more users associated with a license, the lower the license cost is per user.

Annual License

As a license holder you will have a variety of subtests available to you at your fingertips. For your convenience, we offer two payment options for subtest usage- “Pay-as-you-go” with monthly billing or “Prepay” for annual usage which offers volume discounting. “Pay-as-you-go” is only available to Individual License purchasers. Prior to finalizing the payment option, please view the Q-interactive Subscription and License Agreement, which outlines the terms of the annual license.

Subtest Options

Below is an example of how to calculate your annual license. In this example, there are 12 School Psychologists who want access to three test instruments- WISC-IV, WAIS-IV and WIAT-III. They are anticipating administering 350 WISC-IV tests, 75 WAIS-IV tests, and 200 WIAT-III tests in a 12-month period. Assuming 10 subtests are administered per test, they would administer 5,250 subtests during the 12-month period [WISC-IV and WAIS-IV (425 X 10 subtests) + WIAT-III (200 X 10 X .5 subtests)]. Their total cost for the license for 12 School Psychologists is $7,350.

Site License Cost Example

Q-interactive assessments are priced at the subtest level, providing you with the greatest flexibility to meet your assessment needs. The price of any battery created via Q-interactive will be the total of all of the subtests that are included in the created battery.

  • For Memory subtests in which there is a Delayed Recall condition, there is no additional charge for the delayed administration.
  • The final price of any battery will include only those subtests that are initiated or activated during the administration.
  • A test is initiated or activated when the cover page of that particular subtest is displayed.


Additional Subtest Materials Needed

There are several subtests at this time that require manipulative items or paper response booklets and scoring templates. As a user of these assessment tools, you may already have the necessary components needed to administer these subtests. If not, with your purchase of a Q-interactive License, we will send you a free set of materials in the Q-interactive Starter Kit. You may purchase additional materials as needed by contacting Customer Support.

Q-interactive Starter Kit

The Q-interactive Starter Kit is customized based on your Q-interactive needs. The Q-interactive Starter Kit provides you with a set of the physical materials you need to administer the tests you selected to use with your Q-interactive License.

Below is the list of materials needed by test.


Required items for administering for CMS on Q-interactive

015-8038-07X Response Chip Set $10.00
015-8038-061 Grid & Picture Set $56.00

Required items for administering D-KEFS on Q-interactive

015-8091-175 Design Fluency Test Response Booklets $35.00
015-8091-450 D–KEFS Trail Making Response Booklets – Condition 1 $28.00
015-8091-469 D–KEFS Trail Making Response Booklets – Condition 2 $28.00
015-8091-477 D–KEFS Trail Making Response Booklets – Condition 3 $28.00
015-8091-485 D–KEFS Trail Making Response Booklets – Condition 4 $28.00
015-8091-493 D–KEFS Trail Making Response Booklets – Condition 5 $28.00
015-8091-132 D-KEFS Stimulus Book $175.00

Required items for administering for NEPSY-II on Q-interactive

015-8234-308 Response Booklet (Ages 3-4) $59.00
015-8234-316 Response Booklet (Ages 5-16) $79.00
015-8234-472 Memory Grid $42.00
015-8234-383 NEPSY-II Card Sets – 3 sets and box $75.00

Required items for administering WAIS-IV on Q-interactive

015-8980-875 Response Booklet #1 (pkg. 25) $80.50
015-8980-883 Response Booklet #2 (pkg. of 25) $50.00
015-8980-913 Symbol Search Scoring Key $27.00
015-8980-921 Coding Scoring Key $20.00
015-8980-93X Cancellation Scoring Key $20.00
015-8979-46X Wechsler Standard Design Block Set $41.00

Required items for administering WIAT-III on Q-interactive

015-8984-706 WIAT-III Audio CD $17.25
015-8984-838 WIAT-III Enhanced Response Booklets (pkg. of 25) $66.50

Required items for administering WISC-IV on Q-interactive

015-8979-087 Response Booklet #1 (pkg. 25) $80.50
015-8979-095 Response Booklet #2 (pkg. of 25) $50.00
015-8979-249 Cancellation Scoring Template $21.00
015-8979-222 Symbol Search Scoring Key $25.50
015-8983-092 Coding Scoring Template $20.50
015-8979-46X Wechsler Standard Design Block Set $41.00

Required items for administering WMS-IV on Q-interactive

015-8895-908 Response Booklets (pkg. 25) $48.00
015-8895-932 WMS-IV Complete Card Set
(Includes Design Card Set and Spatial Addition)
015-8895-940 WMS-IV Scoring Template $12.00


Q-interactive is both a web-based and tablet-based system. To use Q-interactive, you will need to ensure you have access to the required hardware. Please visit the Technical Requirements page for more information.

  • Two (2) Apple® Full-Size iPad® (iPad 2 or newer)
  • One (1) capacitive-enabled stylus

For an optimal Q-interactive experience, we recommend you use:

  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Antiglare screen covers to minimize glare from interior lighting
  • Durable cases to protect the iPads

For more detailed information about the required hardware, please view the Technical Requirements page.

University Training/Internship Program

Trainers and coordinators play an important role in ensuring future clinicians have the knowledge and experience required to be a successful in their field. As you introduce students to new ideas and approaches, you may be interested in including Q-interactive into your course or program. Based on your unique needs, we have created a specific license.

The Q-interactive Training Program is currently being revised. The new and improved program will be available in April.