One System, Two Tablets, Tons of Power.

Q-interactive is a comprehensive digital system that can be used to administer and score tests that are traditionally given by an examiner in one-on-one settings (the Q-interactive library includes WISC-V, WAIS-IV, CELF-5, and a host of other tests). Testing takes place on two iPads in an app called Assess. You use the first iPad to access the test administration instructions, score and record responses, and control visual stimuli. The examinee uses the other iPad to view and respond to stimuli. Q-interactive also includes a website called Central, which is used to set up clients and generate reports for Assessments administered on the iPads.

How Q-interactive Works

The video below provides a guided walkthrough of how Q-interactive works, beginning with the creation of a client on Central and finishing with the creation of score reports. After watching the video, register for an overview webinar to learn more or sign up for a free trial.


Step-by-step overview:

Step 1: Setting up the client and assessment battery

Q-interactive "Central" is our secure web portal, which can be found at It is the administrative hub where you can:

1. Create client profiles
2. Manage your test library and assign tests to clients
3. Review data for past assessments

To begin using Q-interactive, you create an assessment by assigning a test battery to a client. Hitting "Send to iPad" sends that assessment to the Assess app on your iPad, and you are ready to begin testing.

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Step 2: Administering the assessment

You administer the assessments through two iPads, one for you and for your client. These iPads communicate with each other via a Bluetooth connection, so no internet connection is required for testing.

You use your iPad to access instructions, administer test items, record and score responses, take notes, and control the visual stimuli that the client iPad. The client uses the other iPad to view or respond to stimuli.

Responses are captured digitally and you receive immediate scores that enable you to adapt the assessment session to your client's needs. Just access your digital test library and deliver follow-up subtests on the spot, rather than scheduling another session after you've had a chance to score.

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Step 3: Syncing data back to Central and generating reports

Once you have finished administering and scoring all of the tests in the assessment session, you sync the data back to Central with the press of a button. From Central, you have permanent access to your scores, all raw examinee responses, and any notes that you took.

Score reports can be generated by clicking the Create Report button and can be saved to your computer for later access.

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