Helpful support on your schedule

Q-interactive is designed to be intuitive to use, but naturally there will be a learning curve for new users. As you familiarize yourself with Q-interactive, you have access to several modes of assistance, from webinars where you can learn the ropes, to technical support specialists who can help you out when you've got a question.


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Here are the support tools you have access to as a Q-interactive user:

  • Webinars: We offer several webinars that get you up-to-speed on what Q-interactive does and how to get started. Users can attend at scheduled times or watch archived recordings. For an upcoming schedule, click here.
  • Video Tutorials: We have brief, step-by-step training videos available on focused topics. Q-interactive users can access these videos anytime under the Support tab of Q-interactive Central (
  • Customer Technical Support Team: If you have a pressing technical question and need to speak with someone, we have a Customer Technical Support Team at the ready. They are available Monday – Friday, 7:00AM-6:00PM (CST) at 800-249-0659 or via this link.
  • FAQs: For quick and easy questions at any time of day, Q-interactive has a robust FAQs section organized by category.