GFTA-3 Spanish

(Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation - Third Edition, Spanish)
Ages 2:0 - 21:11 years


GFTA-3 Spanish Now Available on Q-interactive!

The Spanish edition of the GFTA offers updated norms based on Spanish-speaking individuals living in the US and Puerto Rico. Examinees who participated in the standardization are monolingual and bilingual Spanish speakers whose families' are from the U.S, Central America, or the Caribbean. It is not a translation of the English edition—while much of the art is shared across the English and Spanish editions, scoring is based on phoneme production of words in Spanish.

The GFTA-3 Spanish is brief to administer and easy to score, while providing you with accurate results you can count on for making diagnostic and placement decisions.

Features and benefits:

  • Examines prevocalic, intervocalic, and postvocalic productions of consonant sounds
  • Includes target words that minimize lexical differences across Spanish dialects
  • Enables dialect-sensitive scoring for a wide range of Spanish dialects
  • Provides standard scores for production of all Spanish consonants, including /r/ and /l/ blends for both Sounds-in-Words and Sounds-in-Sentences tests
  • Enables identification of facilitating contexts for correct phoneme productions
  • Provides important information for intervention planning and prognosis with the Phonetic Error Analyses, Stimulability, and Emergence and Mastery tables
  • Provides an objective, quantifiable measure of progress over time using Growth Scale Values

How does a Q-interactive user add this test?

Individuals with a SLP license will have the GFTA-3 Spanish automatically added to their account free of charge. Other users can add GFTA-3 Spanish by visiting or calling Customer Support at 1-800-627-7271. Adding the GFTA-3 will require an upgrade charge unless you are a 7+ Standard or TPP license holder.

Watch this video recording to learn more about GFTA-3 Spanish.