Introducing fully digital WISC®-V Coding and Symbol Search subtests on Q-interactive!

This update to WISC-V features fully digitized Symbol Search and Coding tasks that the examinee performs by tapping the tablet, rather than marking their answer in a paper response booklet. The system captures responses automatically and provides robust, accurate data in real time, including the duration between each response and automatic error scores.

Digital Symbol Search and Coding tasks: What are the benefits?

  • Provide an engaging experience for examinees
  • Eliminate the need for paper response booklets
  • Capture and score responses automatically
  • Receive immediate and accurate results in-session

View a special webinar that introduces these new subtests. Presented by Susan Raiford, PhD, WISC-V Research Director, this webinar demonstrates the new subtests, discusses their development, and summarizes the reliability and validity data supporting their use.


Reliability, Validity, Special Group Studies, and Interpretation technical report that supports the use of the new fully digitized versions of Coding and Symbol Search subtests.



WISC-V- Coding-and-Symbol-5
  • Examinee touches the symbol that is associated with the empty box using the key at the top of the screen
  • Response is automatically recorded and scored on the practitioner’s device


Symbol Search:

WISC-V- Coding-and-Symbol-7
WISC-V- Coding-and-Symbol-9
  • Examinee touches the symbol that matches the target or the “No” box if there is no matching symbol
  • Screen automatically scrolls after each response
  • Response is automatically recorded and scored on the practitioner’s device